Popularity, Yu Jinggong himself is also an alchemist, although roulette can refine Taizun God, but can not become Taizun God, because the real Online Casino Taizun God needs to be recognized by the champions league, but Yu Jing Gong usually has good intrigue skills, so he can become the third master of Taishi Dantang. , the latest chapter visit: shu NairabethАhАB Gaming. “That’s right!” Yu Jinggong nodded and smiled: “By the way, the road ahead is more dangerous, so it’s better not to pass it!” “Oh? I’ve walked this road twice, and I haven’t encountered any danger!” Just as Master Wang finished speaking, there was a whistling sound, this is a beast with a flying path. When the whistle came, Master Wang’s face changed slightly, and then he hurriedly controlled the flying artifact to descend. “Sure enough, this road is really dangerous!” Although Master Wang has a high cultivation base, he has practiced alchemy all the year round, and his fighting experience can be said to be very lacking. If the situation is not very urgent, he will rarely make a move. “There is a dragon beast in Leap ahead. It should be a dragon eagle. It’s quite strong, but she just gave birth to some dragon eagle eggs, and she is very weak at this time.” Yu Jinggong said; “How about , Master Wang will go with me to kill this dragon eagle, and get the dragon eagle egg by the way, Master Wang should know the value of the dragon eagle egg.” Master Wang thought for a while and said: “Then these What about the younger generation?” “They can do it here. Elder Li is at the late stage of the Six Gods Realm, and I, Rui’er, is also at the early stage of the Six Gods, and my three disciples are all at the middle stage of the Six Gods. They are still capable of being a Premier League. They are here.” , absolutely nothing will happen,” Yu Jinggong said. Hearing this, Chen Xiang felt that something was wrong.

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