The latest chapter, volume one, the first volume of Piaotian Literature, the people from the seven sects just now remembered that some time ago, the people who came out of the Myriad Tao God Monument said that Chen Xiang went crazy inside and pulled out the Myriad Tao God Monument. But at that time, Chen Xiang only pulled out one piece. Unexpectedly, in the past few days, Chen Xiang pulled out the Myriad Dao God Tablets one by one. Spinmatic “The Monument of Myriad Daos is gone… Where did this guy hide the Monument of Myriad Daos? Be sure to let him hand it over!” It can be used!” “Nairabet, we have been preparing for this flying dragon meeting for a long time, how can we just let it go like this? Wait until the shield disappears, and let this guy look good.” Chen Xiang is practicing, after Wu Xuan can see the outside, I also felt very anxious, walking around inside. “Chen Xiang, are you ready? There will be news about this shield soon.” Wu Xuan asked urgently in a low voice. Chen Xiang didn’t answer Surebet247, he was concentrating on cultivation, once he woke up, he would definitely make a breakthrough, Wu Xuan was also very sure of this, but he just didn’t know if Chen Xiang could break through before this Betting mask disappeared! At this time, someone outside was already trying to bombard the mask, and a powerful force hit it, and there were constant booming noises, bursts of light bursts, and various lights continued to flicker wildly, making the inside of the mask Changing different lights looks very strange. Chen Xiang frowned tightly, his forehead was sweating, he could feel the threat from the outside world right now! The mask was getting weaker and weaker, while the mask was vibrating, waves of air could already penetrate in, and Chen Xiang’s Slot Games hair was blown to pieces at this moment.

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