Contents of the text: Author affiliate: Silent Thief Category: Other types of chelsa The jungle of the dragon beast world is much simpler and rougher than the human world. Online Casino dragon beasts hunt and devour each other directly in order to survive and become stronger. “That’s true! You can transform into a human form, and you must have experienced the most in Slot Games.” Shen Xiangxiang said. “Of course, it’s not so easy to become a Tianling dragon beast.” Long Huashi recalled his experience over the years, and he was also deeply moved. Shen Liverpool looked at the stairs and said, “A lot of humans came in before, and most of them entered the upper floors. Is there really something good up there?” In a thousand-story tower, each floor is It is a very big place, and it has existed for many years. The environment inside this 22Bet is no different from the outside, and there is still a very strong absorption of Dao Qi. “Yes, but they are all on the upper floors. If you want to get it… I am afraid it will be very difficult. You have to go to at least the hundredth floor to see a better world.” Long Huashi Paripesa said man city: “Generally In other words, it is not difficult for humans to go to the 100th floor of the 10th layer of the gods and heavens, and only if they are unlucky, they will die on the way.” Chen Xiang didn’t come here for the treasure, he Just want to know what’s hidden in here. “Brother Long, you must know some secrets in the Flying Dragon Pagoda. The sudden appearance of the Flying Dragon Pagoda is no coincidence… The dragon beasts in your Dragon Beast Forest attacked Wandao City on a large scale before.” Xiang said. Long Huashi lowered his head and was thinking about something. After a while, he said: “I can tell you! Of course, you’d better not talk about it, because fewer people know about this kind of thing.

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