As soon as Chen Xiang opened his mouth, he said he wanted five hundred pills, not to mention the group of Fire Dao and Sword Dao people, even Tai Shangzhen felt that Chen Xiang was laughing at casino slots. However, after Tai Shangzhen took Chen Xiang’s storage bag and took a look, he was stunned, because there were really five million Dao crystals in it. One fire law bead is 10,000, Chen Xiang now wants 500 pieces, according to the price it is indeed 5 million Mozzartbet, but if you buy so many at once, there will definitely be a discount! “This…you wait, I’ll go back as soon as I go!” Tai Shangzhen rushed to the second floor and invited an old man down. This old man Chen Xiang had seen last time, was the shopkeeper who bought him. “” When the shopkeeper heard that there was such a large amount of business, he hurried down, picked up the storage bag, took a look, and took a deep breath. “Five hundred pills, right?” the shopkeeper asked again. “Yes, how much discount can there be? Senior Tai said just now that if you buy a lot of chelsa at one time, there will be a discount.” Chen Xiang laughed. “The five hundred thousand dao crystals will be refunded to you, and I will only charge you four and a half million, and I will give you a 10% discount.” The shopkeeper refunded the five hundred thousand dao crystals to Chen Xiang, and ordered another five hundred in the premier league. Hand over the Grain Fire Rule Bead. After Chen Xiang took it, he glanced at the hot middle-aged man who was sneering and sarcastic just now. Although his face had an unbelievable expression, his eyes were full of jealousy. He thought the Champions League didn’t understand why Chen Xiang had so many Dao Crystals! They worked so hard to hunt down a Dragon Ape, but it was only two hundred thousand Dao Crystals. Chen Xiang is a brat, but he can actually take out five million from Surebet247 in one go. In this comparison, they are all a bunch of poor ghosts. 1xBet just now looked down on others so much. When they think of Slot Games, they all want to find a place Drill down. “this

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