Popular recommendation: “Miss Xiaoling has a father? Who is her father?” Chen Xiang asked live betting in surprise. He had already seen Du Xiaoling. During this premier league, she was levitating in the air and was fighting with two people. A plain-looking woman in white clasped palms together, and it was obvious that Du Xiaoling was being suppressed. One livescore hit two, and the two women seemed to be stronger than Du Xiaoling, as if there was a Parimatch method to restrain Du Xiaoling’s poison, otherwise Du Xiaoling would not He will use his own strength to fight against them, and he will definitely use poison. . ybdu. “I have never seen a father who used such despicable means to his daughter! He has controlled my soul for so many years, isn’t it enough for him to hurt me? For so many years, I feel like I am living in hell.” Du Xiaoling’s voice was full anger. Chen Xiang had already guessed who Du Xiaoling’s father was, he was actually the Mozzartbet God Lord of Heaven! “So what? You were born by him. If he wants you to die, you have to die. What’s more, you are still alive and have gained such powerful power.” A woman in white said coldly. “Don’t talk nonsense, you and I know very well that I have no blood relationship with him at all, and it can be seen from my character in real madrid.” Du Xiaoling said: “I have never admitted that he is mine since I was a child.” Father, he knows what I don’t like to do, but he just asks me to do it, and he wants to kill me again and again.” “I think I’m the daughter of his enemy, and he treats me like this… Of course, you are really his daughters, your personalities are very similar, and he treats you very well in Liverpool, otherwise they would leave you here and torture you for countless years.” “Hmph!” A woman in white

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