Popular recommendation: “Weak foreigner, Online Casino will cut off your tongue if you yell again. (Top) (Point) Novel 23wx..” The person in charge of the host shouted sharply, waving la liga and hitting a thunderbolt force to come in . Chen Xiang was struck by this force and his whole body trembled, his heart was terrified, this person unexpectedly had such terrifying power with just one blow. He baccarat clenched his fists tightly, he was too weak, otherwise he would blow up the cage and make a big fuss here. “All of you wait for me. I’m only temporarily weak. When I become stronger, I will definitely make you repay ten times.” Chen Xiang’s vicious chelsa roared, and then remained silent. After a round of bidding, he was finally bought by someone with 11,000 beast crystal coins. The person who bought him was a middle-aged man from the Imperial Clan! Chen Xiang sat in the cage, closed his eyes and practiced, constantly absorbing the original Dao power from the original Taoist door in his body, he controlled the flashscore to control the original Dao power to pass through the triple Taoist door! Passing through the double level of Taoism is his limit, but when passing through the triple level of Taoism, 1xBet made him feel excruciating pain all over his body, and he did this to temper his body with powerful primitive power! He was enduring the severe pain, the muscles on his face twitched because of the pain, the violent primitive power raged in his body, tearing his muscles and impacting his bones! And after the muscle is torn, it recovers quickly under the nourishment of a gentle primitive power, the same is true for the shattered bones, which recover quickly after being destroyed, and then bet game by the violent primitive power running in the body The force ravages and destroys, so repeatedly! Chen Xiang has no way to refine alchemy, and can only strengthen his man city through this relatively rough and painful way

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