The Tianhuang sage just selected by the Tianhuang family died not long ago. This is an awakening ceremony. The opening of the Daoxuan Gate is larger than other disciples of the Tianhuang family. Maison takes 1xBet very seriously. But now he was beheaded by Chen Xiang, and he was killed in front of so many people. What made those elders of the Tianhuang family the most angry was that this happened right before their eyes, and they failed to stop it. Chen Xiang has already walked towards another premier league fighting stage, he sneered and said to the Casino Slot Tianhuangsheng who still had Bet9ja left: “If you are afraid of death, get off the stage now, I won’t make things difficult for you Yes.” The Tianhuang family has always believed that they are a very noble existence, the first batch of humans who created the way of heaven, and they are the emperors of humans, so they look down on other humans very much, and they behave very arrogantly in front of other humans. But now, they were underestimated by a human being, which dealt a great blow to them, especially the Heavenly Desolation Saint on stage. He is Tianhuang Sage now, if he shrinks his eggs and steps down, it is tantamount to fearing ordinary humans and bowing his head to ordinary humans. They are high-ranking Tianhuang brothers, how can they endure such humiliation. So this Tian Huang Sheng didn’t step down, it was purely for the face, and he also had a certain amount of confidence in himself, he thought that the Tian Huang Sheng who was killed by Chen Xiang before was mainly because he underestimated Chen Xiang, so he didn’t have enough precautions . He saw Chen Xiang’s strength just now, as long as Little Parimatch is more careful and doesn’t underestimate Chen Xiang, he won’t be killed like the previous Tian Huang Sheng. The owner of the villa smiled and said to the elders of the Tianhuang family

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