The first volume of the nobleman who lost his territory Author: Dark Blue Coconut Juice Work: The permanent domain name of this site is in the reception room on the second floor of the castle. A hand-typed novel of new ideas A girl wearing a sports betting cyan skirt sits quietly by the window sill, the sun shines in from the window, and the beautiful Baihe River can be seen in a panoramic view. “It’s a beautiful view, isn’t it?” A gentle voice sounded behind her. A smile appeared on Bamboo’s face. “I’m sorry to keep you waiting.” Marvin, who had changed into a relatively formal attire, walked over slowly: “To be honest, you really gave me a big surprise.” “Life is always full of such and such It was an accident.” She was still looking out of the window sill: “It’s as if a month ago, I received a notice from my family asking me to marry a man I had never seen before.” “At that time, I was also very surprised. Although I have known this since I was a child, I am destined to become a la liga chess piece to consolidate the family’s power.” “But when this day comes, I am still very panicked.” Marvin walked over Sportybet calmly : “Then why do you still want to come over from the Champions League?” “Other than Liverpool, what else can I do?” Zhu’s voice was very weak and seemed so helpless. A feeling of wanting to take pity on her. Marvin silently scanned the will appraisal record on the data panel, sighing secretly in his heart. “I came to the Premier League with a slight temptation, are you testing me?” He thought in his heart, keeping a certain distance from Zhu, leaning against the window sill with his Livescore on his back. “You don’t have to be like this. I don’t know anything about my grandfather’s family. I may not be interested in accepting the marriage they arranged.” Ma

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