The black-haired man was indeed as terrifying as Lin Qiqi described. At this time, Chen Xiang was surrounded by a group of affiliated black-haired men. Although he was on the Six Paths Mirror and protected by many formations, he could still feel the black-haired The powerful aura released from the person made him feel a lot of pressure. Under such a situation of great disparity in strength, Chen Xiang immediately activated the magic mirror of six paths, and at the same time used the power of space to instantly move away from the black-haired man’s encirclement , At the same time, he also felt a force coming! His Six Paths Mirror was attacked, that attack was very powerful, with hot power, and very violent lightning power, it was shot by several black-haired men at the same time! Even through the protective formation of the Divine Mirror of the Six Paths, Shen Roulette Xiang felt hot and numb all over, that violent force penetrated the formation of the Divine Mirror of the Six Paths! Without the protection of the Leap Mirror of the Six Paths God, Chen Xiang didn’t dare to imagine the consequences. The strength of the black-haired man is very terrifying, and he fits well with the Parimatch and reacts very quickly. , ybdu, as soon as they sensed Chen Xiang’s teleportation, they could immediately judge the location of Chen Xiang’s teleportation, and then stormed towards that direction. Chen Xiang didn’t expect the other party’s attack to be so fierce, but his reaction was also very fast, he teleported a few times in a row, and he was far away from the place just now! However, the black-haired men were still nearby, and he could clearly feel the powerful aura of those black-haired men! Then he teleported continuously. At this time, he didn’t dare to leave the Mirror of Six Paths. Only the Mirror of Six Paths can protect him. He felt that even if he hid himself, he would be discovered by these black-haired people. Other book friends are reading: Liaozhai man city Dragon Snake has no pop-up window! “What a scary guy!” Chen Xiang said

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