The first volume of NetEnt, Huang Tian also has three Celestial Longevity Fruits. Huang Tian now needs a woman with a high level of cultivation as a cauldron for cultivation, so he saw that Xie Qiaoyan was caught and her flashscore was sealed, so he put forward a condition. Three longevity fruits in exchange for Xie Qiaoyan! And the three giants of Wuji Mountain actually agreed to Huang Tian’s request, but they still gave Xie Qiaoyan one last chance, if Xie Qiaoyan was willing to hand over the Celestial Longevity Fruit in their hands, they wouldn’t have to exchange her with Huang Tian. “Don’t be delusional, I will never bow to you bastards, Betway!” Xie Qiaoyan’s voice was cold, her eyes were full of stubbornness, but there was despair. Huang Tian was even more anxious at this time, Xie Qiaoyan was a very suitable cauldron for his cultivation, if he and Xie Qiaoyan both cultivated, his cultivation would definitely improve faster! Right now, he has a great chance to get Xie Qiaoyan’s Spinmatic Yan, because the three giants of Wuji Shenshan all want to get the Longevity Fruit very much. For the sake of this Longevity Fruit, they actually used strong means to force Xie Qiaoyan to hand it over. You can see how important it is to them. “Huang Tian, ​​don’t worry, we won’t let her die, and we know that we won’t get anything after she dies!” Master Wuji said, “We’ve already sealed the power in her whole body, she can die if she wants to die.” It’s not that easy.” “Elder Dan Dao, let’s exchange with Huang Tian now, so as not to cause other things to happen.” The person who spoke was an old Betking man with many wrinkles on his face. “Elder Zhan Dao, what’s your opinion?” Master Wuji asked. “Let’s do it according to the teacher’s wishes! It’s not that we don’t know Xie Qiaoyan’s character.”

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