Text “It’s just a wound on the body, it’s fine.” Seeing Chu Hongqing’s worried face, Chen Xiang said. “Huang Tian seems to be in a hurry. I guess he wants to use me as a cauldron for cultivation to allow him to break through the bottleneck. He has been stagnant in the Dao Soul Realm for a long time.” Chu Hongqing sighed. Chen Xiang practiced his kung fu to heal his wounds, while cursing: “This bastard, don’t even try to break through the bottleneck in this life, I will let him die in the Dao Soul Realm!” Chen Xiang now only has the weight of Dao Yuan, and Huang Xiaotian is Dao Yuan. Alchemy realm, one premier league realm higher than him, not to mention Huang Tian, ​​the peak of Daopo realm, two or three realms higher, the current Endorphina is no match for him at all! Huo Zunmen knew that Chen Xiang was still in Shenkong City, so the disciples of Betking Huo Betway Zunmen rushed over quickly and went to various islands in the sky to search for poker Chen Xiang. Huang Tian just wanted to catch Chen Xiang quickly, and then force Chen Xiang to hand over Chu Hongqing, so that he could pass Chu Hongqing’s cultivation and break through the current bottleneck. “Fortunately, the Parimatch dao marks I cultivated are very useful, otherwise I would have been in great trouble just now.” Chen Xiang was most afraid of the space seal, but just now he used the white tiger dao mark, and it took him out of the space barrier with ease. Chen Xiang hadn’t suffered such a serious injury for a long time. It took him more than a month to recover from his injuries. In the past month, Chu Hongqing had also made great progress in refining Dao B Gaming Scar Pill. She took that one by herself. Hundreds of medicinal materials have been refined, and there are more than 300 grains of Daohen Pill in total. After Chen Xiang healed from his injuries, he ate a top-grade Qi Yuan Pill. After eating it, he felt that he could condense a second Dao Yuan, and he quickly refined this pill. “I still need to eat a few grains to condense the second Dao Yuan.

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