Category: Time Traveling Novel Author: Book Title: __Chen Xiang looked at the countless large and small black spots in front of him. They were all islands floating in the air, and some of them had many beautiful mountains and rivers. Waterfalls hung down, very beautiful . No pop-up window () “Why enter it for live betting, the Sky Diffraction Technique is not enough?” Chen Xiang asked, he and Long Shuangru followed behind and flew towards one of the small spots. “Sky Reaper is a strange law, but in Shenkong City, this law will be invalid! In fact, there are many law powers that cannot be used. If you don’t believe me, try to use Betway Space Law.” Long Frost is like a road. Chen Xiang tried it, but it really couldn’t be used, he exclaimed in surprise: “As expected, it’s really a magical place! If they can’t figure out that we are here, wouldn’t they guess that we are hiding here? Casino Slot” “Guess It doesn’t matter, there are so many islands here, and each island has a Spinmatic lake, this lake is very weird, as long as you jump off, it will randomly appear on another island.” Long Shuangru smiled lightly: “When the time comes When we jump down, as long as we hold hands, we will be teleported to another island in the sky.” “This BetWinner is such a magical bet game!” Chen Xiang immediately looked forward to it. “I have dealt with Endorphinas here for many years, and nothing happened. Mozzatbet then we just need to be by the lake. Once we find them, we just need to jump into the lake and Slot Games will hide.” Long Frost is like a road. Chu Hongqing helped Chen Xiang plant spirit seeds in the Youyao ring, and she didn’t feel bored, and Chen Xiang also began to teach her the art of refining the sky, so that she could start learning. When flying to the island in the sky, Chen Xiang looked

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