Popular recommendation: Fang Daiqi looked at everyone at this moment, he knew that if he reneged, it would definitely seriously affect the reputation of the Fang family, and he didn’t have that much money in his hands. “I’ll send it here.” Fang Daiqi said seriously, he had already thought about how to persuade Fang’s Spinmatic, and he had to sacrifice a lot of things to get the 200 million yuan. Fang Daiqi took out the messenger jade talisman and passed the news back to the Fang family. He was so sure that the Fang family sent it, he must have made some kind of exchange, after all, he also has a certain status in the Fang family. man city After the Fang family learned of this incident, the entire Fang family was shocked. During this period of time, the grand meeting of the Dao of Heaven held by Huo Zunmen had gathered a lot of Endorphina forces, so it spread quickly at this time. Basically, the big families of the Dao of Huo Dao Shendi knew about it. BetWinner, while surprised , and gloated over other people’s misfortunes. Although these aristocratic families had a good relationship on the surface, there were a lot of frictions in the dark. This competition made Chen Xiang’s reputation once again reach a Betting height, and Chen Xiang has long been used to it. What excites him now is that he has obtained the formula of this Qi Yuan Pill, and he will be able to refine this Qi Yuan in the future. Dan earns a lot of jade money. Now Chen Xiang still doesn’t know what to do with those 200 million jade coins. Soon, an old man hurried in and handed Fang Daiqi a storage bag. Although he didn’t say anything, he must have had a secret conversation with Fang Daiqi through voice transmission. Surebet247 Fang Daiqi took out twenty pieces of jade from the storage bag, and said: “Although these are not jade coins, they can be exchanged for jade coins at the three major banks in Huo Dao Shendi.” The jade pieces are all specially made, and it is difficult to imitate them. One piece is worth 10 million jade coins. Here are 20 pieces of jade.

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