Chapter list: The newest chapters in Liverpool Chapter list: The third year of high school review is hard work for most people, but for Su Qing, a girl with a bright mind and a good memory, Slot Games is not a casino slot at all. However, superficial articles still have to be done. It is also necessary not to hit classmates and reassure parents. Today is Saturday, and after finally getting the roulette to allow her to go out alone, Su Qing decided to take a stroll in the flower and bird market. Finding a reason for Xiaobai (the name given to the white fox) and Fenghuang (who became smaller like a canary but insisted that I call it Fenghuang saying that it is a matter of dignity) to appear aboveboard, whether to buy flowers or not is secondary. Flowers, birds, fish and even snakes can be bought in the market, covering everything. Interests and hobbies vary from person to person, and there are many people who like to raise mice or snakes. As long as people are willing to consume, there is a market. Although those flowers and plants are not as beautiful as in the space, they are worth the money and the price is moderate. Grandpa likes to grow flowers, and grandpa Slot Games also has a soft spot for orchids. She has a lot of orchids but can’t get them outside, and it seems that she can’t afford to buy them in the market. Although it is a big family, it is not a business, and the family lives on wages. Parents are clean and honest, so my brother and I don’t have much pocket money. The cousin always teased herself about her wealth, but she was laughed off. Su Qing looked forward to the time when the spoiled child would cry. Along the way, Su Qing was in a good mood looking at roses with dewdrops, fragrant lilies, elegant strelitzias, delicate and simple Paripesa gerberas, graceful and rich peonies, and carnations. I bought a bouquet of her favorite lilies for my mother, and took away the flower branches and flower seedlings that were thrown away as garbage. She believes that when she has free time, she can turn waste into treasure without spending money

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