After Chen Xiang learned about these things, he also had a precautionary direction. Now Sportybet only came from the Heavenly Dao God Realm from the Undead God Race, and the Evil Spirit Race was still facing the Human Race in the Heavenly Dao God Realm! Parimatch: “It seems that Betking is the birthplace of all creatures. There are various ethnic groups, all of which are very powerful. The young master of 22Bet is just the son of the leader of a small tribe of the undead gods. He is so powerful. Already!” What Chen Xiang was more curious about was why the other ethnic groups suddenly disappeared? The undead gods and Leap don’t know about this, and it seems that they don’t know either. “Poker Pig Island Novel” novel chapters are updated the fastest, but the human race protected by the Holy Land of Heaven is still there, there must be something! “The undead gods only came in three groups, one group occupied a sky star, one group was killed by me, and the other group was preparing to attack a sky star, but they should all know by now that the group that came here was wiped out, They will come over soon.” Chen Xiang was not too worried, if he came, with Xu Youqing’s help, he would be more relaxed, it would be even better if the other side could come! The current seal is very fragile, and it is easy to be broken if it is damaged, so Chen Xiang has to guard here now. Even if the seal cannot be strengthened, he cannot let the seal be destroyed so quickly. He has to delay it for a while and let him They have refined a magic pill that can quickly increase their strength! As long as they have more powerhouses, there is no need to worry about those from the Heavenly Dao God Realm! A few days have passed, these days Chen Xiang has been helping the Liverpool disciples to heal their injuries, and both of them were injured, which shows how strong the people from the Heavenly Dao God Realm are, they are the top experts in the Star Law God Realm. Xu Youqing and Cong Datianxing came, but Chen Xiang didn’t see this

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