Work: 2314 Author: Save: Read: 99.9Parimatch1 Seeing Chen Xiang being able to go in, the seriously injured Long Ying lying in Long Jinrong’s arms was so angry that he spat out a mouthful of blood. But can’t! It’s not just that he can’t figure it out, the elders present don’t understand that human beings can be recognized by Qinglong! Chen Xiang had already entered the Qinglong Tomb. Seeing that his plan had failed, Long Jinrong quickly left with Long Yingyi in his arms and made another plan. He was not reconciled! After Chen Xiang entered that door, he saw a very spacious palace in Real Madrid. In the middle was a cyan sarcophagus with many lifelike dragons carved on it. These dragons had different postures and expressions. (Book flashscore haha) “Is this the green dragon’s sarcophagus? It was buried in a human form?” Chen Xiang walked over, touched Paripesa and touched the blue sarcophagus, and suddenly felt the sarcophagus shaking, which made him withdraw his hand violently. The sarcophagus was shaking, and the coffin lid moved away by itself! After the coffin lid was opened, Chen Xiang immediately looked at the sarcophagus, only to see that the inside was full of blue mist, which was emitting light twinkling and twinkling. “Is this the Azure Dragon Tomb?” Chen Xiang looked around, he didn’t know what the significance of entering the Azure Dragon Tomb was. “Yes, this is my tomb!” Chen Xiang suddenly heard the sound coming into his ears, and was startled again. [] Staying up late to read books bet game2314 saw that the blue mist inside the sarcophagus suddenly surged up and turned into a mist-like green dragon, looking at Chen Xiang with a pair of red eyes. “Senior… aren’t you dead?” Chen Xiang asked in surprise, he didn’t expect to be able to see Star Law God

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