Popular recommendation: “Let’s talk about investigating and investigating. In short, there must be other people here, otherwise there would not be that powerful enchantment.” Yue’er said. Chen Xiang nodded, and then flew in his mouth, flying towards one direction, while carefully paying attention to the lower part, not long after, he saw a strange beast! This alien beast has seven huge tiger heads, and its body is also very large, like a small hill. At this time, it is quickly chasing a giant bear. “They are all holy beasts!” Chen Xiang said: “It seems that this sky star Spinmatic Chen does not have as many people as those sky stars. There must be a lot of resources here that have not been discovered, but it is too huge. I myself No one can find anything.” Chen Xiang used anti-force to make his body invisible, and the seven tiger beasts below did not find him, he followed the seven tigers all the time, wanting to see the seven tigers Will he be able to catch the giant bear in the end? The giant bear’s strength is relatively weak, and he still has injuries on his body. Knowing that he can’t beat the seven-headed tiger, he can only run for his life. After Slot Games followed Chen Xiang for half an hour, he suddenly heard a dragon roar, and then a red fire dragon jumped out from nowhere to the champions league, pressed its paw on the giant bear’s head, and then it almost exploded! The fire dragon suddenly appeared, but Chen Xiang didn’t notice it, let alone the seven-headed tiger! But the reaction of the seven-headed tiger was very fast, and the moment the fire dragon appeared, it ran away, but the reaction of the fire dragon was not to mention, the tail of the dragon that was braving flames flicked violently, swept across, and swept the seven-headed tiger away , crashed into a rocky mountain not far away. “Hmph, let me do this kind of thing all day long!”

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