“It’s best to keep this kind of thing secret!” Feng Wu said with a smile: “Master, hurry up and give us the guy’s news!” This old man looks mysterious and mysterious, and Chen Xiang can’t see through his Strength, and Betway and he still knows such things, there must be a history, otherwise he wouldn’t be able to know so many things so easily. “Little girl, do you know that there is a sect named Datianmen in this Wangu Tianxing?” the old chelsa sporty bettor asked. “Slot Games is of course Zhidào. Datianmen is a medium-strength sect. Could it be that Datianmen did it? I have heard that this Datianmen specializes in this kind of sneaky things.” Feng Wu frowned and said: “Who is Zhīdào from Datianmen?” What did you do?” “Piggy Island Novels” novel chapters are updated the fastest “This person has the strength to get in and out of that swamp, at least with eighty to ninety godhead cultivation bases, and his overall strength should be comparable to yours, so he can only Take it away, and dare not confront you head-on.” The old man said slowly: “This kind of strength is in the Great Heaven Gate, and it should be an elder. As far as I know, there is only one elder in the Great Heaven Gate during this time.” The city near that swamp appeared before.” Chen Xiang asked: “Master, why are you so sure that the Online Casino was done by people from the Great Heaven Gate?” The old man smiled lightly: “Didn’t you guys mention the divine weapon he used before? The elder of the Datianmen, it is so wonderful to have such a strange artifact called ‘Qiankun Aquarius’, when the bottle cap is opened, a burst of red light will be emitted, and the things covered by the red light will be put into the bottle! Not only It is to collect things, even if it is to collect people, it is also possible, but if

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