In heaven, among the many kingdoms of God, Roulette is dead silent. ≧Novel, I don’t know when it started, a laugh came out of the Kingdom of God. Then came Pragmatic Play’s endless roar of BGaming laughter! All the new gods paid attention to this scene, leaning forward and backward with laughter. Only in a shadowy corner, came an angry roar: “You are still laughing!” “If the remnant of time is stolen…” A voice interrupted the speech of Glennorth himself: “I’ve said it a long time ago, it’s better to let me return to Feinan with the remnant of time.” “You bastard, what else can you do besides sneaking and killing people behind your back?” , Only your weak divinity can produce such a little resistance.” “It doesn’t matter, I wanted to see if Rumble could kill a few legends first. It’s a pity that the power of those people is more stubborn than we imagined .” A haughty voice came from the distant sky: “Glenos, you don’t need to worry, it’s not your fault.” The God of Dreams. The pair of fantasy wings that flew away from Xiaoxiao’s hand just now are his artifacts. “Let’s wait and see.” “Actually, it doesn’t matter even if time is lost, anyway, sooner or later we will live betting to take over Feinan.” “Now wait for those three guys to return from the wilderness. After the paripesa meeting of the Gods is over, the four words Cosmic Demon Pool will become history.” “Let them struggle.” Amidst the faint words of the God of Dreams, the laughter from all the kingdoms of God Gradually quiet down. Glennos stopped speaking, but watched Feinan quietly. They are the gods of the heavens la liga. Want to observe Feinan,

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