Support the left and right keys of the keyboard (→) to turn pages up and down, and the middle mouse button to scroll the screen. Select the font size: Select Endorphina background color: Hearing the roar of Online Casino, Chen Xiang immediately felt that the crisis was approaching, so he used the space to teleport, wanting to hurry up Leaving this dangerous place, who would have known that after casting teleportation, the place he came to was not the ground, but a place surrounded by fire. “It’s over, this guy can also control the space, he changed the trajectory of your teleportation, and let you teleport down.” Yue’er exclaimed. Chen Xiang is now standing on a big stone, he looked around, only to realize that this stone is like a big round stone slab, floating on the fire slurry, he is already under the center of the earth, and Under the stone is that very hot fire slurry. The center of the earth is very large, surrounded by red mist gushing out from the fire slurry, Chen Xiang couldn’t see anything in the distance at all, but he knew that there was a very powerful beast in the center of the earth hidden here. “This guy doesn’t know how to avenge kindness.” Chen Xiang took out the Azure Dragon Sword and was vigilant about his surroundings. Just as his whole body tensed up, the round stone slab under his feet suddenly moved. “What’s the matter with the Slot Games.” Chen Xiang hurriedly jumped to the edge, he thought that there was something pressing against the stone slab, as if it had come out from below. “Strange, that guy’s aura has faded. He doesn’t seem to have any malice towards you. Could it be that he wants to take you somewhere.” Yue’er said, “If he wanted to do something, he could have done it long ago.” Chen Xiang also Feeling strange, he walked to the middle of the stone slab. At this time, the stone slab was moving faster and was drifting in one direction. The live betting really wanted to take him somewhere. nine days forebet world

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