Share this site as Slot Games: Style Settings: Tips: The reading records at the top of the page will automatically save the reading records on your computer, no need to register Although there are many braziers, there are still many shadows. This provides great convenience for 22Bet Marvin’s Betting sneak. With his rich experience, Betking Marvin easily sneaked to a relatively safe location, and then hid in the shadows. The purple-robed priest stood on a slightly raised platform with his back facing him, as if he was talking to someone through a water basin. Marvin has seen this method before, and it is a regular remote communication method used by the Scarlet Patriarch faction of the Two Snakes Cult. The water basin has special characteristics. When enough human blood is injected into it, a certain secret method of the Snake Cult can be activated to talk to someone thousands of miles away. This Evolution game secret method and crystal ball communication are similar in art, but the materials used are much crueler. Marvin held his breath and listened quietly. “I’ve already done what you told me before.” The purple-robed priest said respectfully to the person in the water basin. Then BetWinner came out with an indifferent voice: “You are doing very well. What we want to create is not only panic, but also destruction. Food is a very important material. Before our forces were suppressed near the east coast It’s too powerful.” “Now is a good opportunity for you to develop your power. You must seize it.” Hearing this, the voice seemed to suddenly appear a little disordered. “What’s wrong with you?” Priest Zipao was a little surprised. Marvin, who was hiding in the shadows, felt his heart skip a beat! Can make the purple robe sacrifice

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