Just as Chen Xiang finished transmitting the sound to them, a flaming star more than ten times larger than the city’s livescore quickly fell from the sky. When it was pressed down, the scorching flame made everyone feel like they were in a furnace. In the middle of the day, the mountains and forests around the city that were not protected by formations were burning raging fire at this time. When Mu Chen and Xiao Changle saw it, they flew into the air immediately, and Suzaku also participated in it. Afterwards, elders like Lao Tieji, Luo Tianjun, Zhu Xiangyuan, and Yi Baidong also followed up, each showing their magical powers, causing the BetWinner’s huge and incomparably flaming stars to deviate and fall. The place. Fortunately, at a high place, there was enough time to block it! The flaming stars fell in a mountain forest in the distance, and a violent earthquake came, and the green mountain range in the distance had been flattened by the flames, and the scorching flames swept across thousands of miles. At this time, the entire Juying God City and the Supreme Temple were impacted by the flames, which ravaged the earth, and the villages that were originally near the Supreme Temple had all disappeared at this time. A large area of ​​mountains and forests were destroyed! Everyone was terrified. If the star just now fell directly on Juying God City, the whole God City would definitely disappear, and this place would become a deep pit! In a moment, Betting turned into a sea of ​​flames, only the Parimatch Temple and Juying God City were not affected! The man in red was suspended in the sky, looked at the sea of ​​flames formed by the Spinmatic blaze below, and exclaimed: “Where is this guy so scary? If he falls in the city, we will all suffer!” The old entourage was furious Said: “Young master, you must tell the God Emperor about this, you were almost killed just now!”

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