About half an hour later, a man from the city walked into this inn. After entering, he went directly to the table of the purple-clothed men on Ziyan Shenshan and sat down. Liverpool “You came here very quickly.” A man in purple said, this man in purple is the leader of several people, and his strength is slightly stronger than Betking. “Can’t you be quick, because I am also very interested in your affairs. I have already found out the person you want me to investigate. He is indeed from our Supreme Temple, and he is a relatively capable guy. He is a An alchemist, and he is from the tenth hall of the alchemy hall, and can refine low-grade divine pills.” The man said, “I am also from the alchemy hall, but I am in the third hall, and our third hall is better than the tenth hall. There is a little gap, mainly because the hall master of the tenth hall is too powerful.” Chen Xiang was surprised, this man turned out to be from the Supreme Temple, and he was also from the alchemy hall, he should be the few young alchemists in the legend, he Actually colluded with other forces. “The other guy is real madrid.” The man in purple asked again. “The other one is from the boxing hall. His name is Xie Ao. His strength is not bad. He doesn’t have any backing from Endorphina. If you want to go to the Supreme Temple to find Chen Xiang, then you should think about it carefully, because the hall master of the tenth hall It’s very scary.” said the Online Casino student in the third session of poker. The man in purple sneered and said, “No matter what, I, Paripesa, and I will kill this little ghost. How about we make a deal? You can find a way to lure that little ghost out, as long as you can successfully lure him to our designated place.” , we will give you a little benefit.” Zhanxi smiled slightly: “That’s no problem, fifty million Shenyuan stones, are you willing?” Fifty million

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