Text Dense forest, clearing, moonlight. The two sides confront each other. Marvin is alone, but Dorsey Roja has five people in LiveScore! “You really have the courage!” Doshiloa said through gritted teeth, “How dare you show up alone?” He is also a second-level expert, and it is obvious at a glance that Marvin’s level is actually lower than his. “But I really didn’t expect that you have such a strong martial arts. Those bastards who collected information before are just useless!” Dosi Loa spat and said fiercely: “The **** actually told My Baron Marvin of the White River Valley is a man with no strength!” “Your hand stretches too far for the baccarat.” Marvin said flatly, “I am honestly surprised that such a small slot in the White River Valley Games side, why is it worth your efforts?” Dosi Loa rolled his eyes and sneered, “Perhaps after you die Paripesa, I will tell you about Surebet247’s body.” “Kill him!” He ordered, The four subordinates immediately surrounded Ma Wen! Two second-tier fighters, two barbarian wasteland warriors! From all directions, they outflanked Ma Wen. And Duo BGaming Siloah himself, also holding a two-handed sword, swept aside. He was very careful. Although Marvin was only at the second level, his assassination ability should not be underestimated. Facing the four incoming warriors, Marvin remained calm. Instead of running away, he charged them instead! In an instant. Marvin rushed into the encirclement of four soldiers! “Ha!” “Drink!” The soldiers surrounded him one after another, and slashed at Marvin fiercely with the weapons in their hands. Who knew that at this moment, their field of vision suddenly became pitch black! Just

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