As long as he stepped into the ancient forest in front, he would face a terrible danger, but Chen Xiang was very adventurous. “Be careful, use your space power to protect yourself, don’t be discovered, otherwise it will be very difficult to escape.” Yue’er told Chen Xiang to live betting, she flew back and squatted on Chen Xiang’s shoulder. When Chen Xiang entered the forest, he immediately sensed a faint strange energy floating in the air. He manly guessed that this energy might produce spiritual sensations. Once something from Premier League appeared in this forest, it would alarm The owner of the forest. “Little cat, how powerful are the guys in the champions league forest.” Chen Xiang asked softly, he has the space domain, and his voice will not be transmitted outside the domain, so he doesn’t have to worry about disturbing that terrible thing. “It’s very powerful. It was very famous among you humans a long time ago. I should call this guy a Jingfeng beast. I was chased by this guy for a long way because I broke into here before Spinmatic.” Yue’er I also know that the space domain can be isolated from the outside world, but she still speaks very quietly. Chen Xiang and Long Xueyi had encountered the Jingfeng Divine Beast before, and Ye Qin and his group and the large group of strange Divine Beasts were being chased by the Jingfeng Divine Beast. “So it’s a guy who can turn into a cloud. What is the body of this startling wind beast? Have you ever seen it?” Chen Xiang quickened his pace and walked straight forward. The glowing weeping vines are shaking, fluttering like baccarat light bands, very beautiful. Slot Games “I’ve seen it, the body is a mass of things. Last time he just blew out a breath of wind to chase me. If it was his own body, I’m afraid I would be in danger.”

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