Long Xueyi threw the Suzaku Divine Bow to Chen Xiang, and after Chen Xiang took it, before he recognized its master with a drop of blood, the Suzaku Divine Bow trembled violently, bursts of intense flames burst forth, continuously spouting flames , Chen Xiang almost couldn’t grasp it steadily. “There is a reaction!” Chen Xiang immediately dripped blood into the Suzaku Divine Bow, and then used the Suzaku Divine Art to fuse with it. Feeling that his real madrid was fused with the Suzaku Divine Bow, Chen Xiang suddenly felt that the other three divine weapons in his body suddenly appeared, the God-killing Hand appeared in his palms, the Azure Dragon Demon-Slaying Knife appeared in his right hand, and the golden Xuanwu Vajra armor wrapped his body. Holding the bow in the left hand and the knife in the right, the two magical soldiers baccarat emitted a very strong light, which hurt people’s eyes. Chen Xiang fused the connection between these four elephants, making Leap, the four elephants, even brighter. The light from the four elephants scattered Pragmatic play didn’t last long, and gradually dimmed. Xiang still let the Four Elephant Soldiers fuse together. After the glare disappeared, I saw that the Qinglong Demon Slaying Saber in Chen Xiang’s hand had changed. It was not as big as before, it had shrunk a lot, and its shape had also changed a lot. The original blue-colored blade had a pale golden color in the middle. Golden light, engraving a golden dragon! There is a circle of pale silver light on the handle of the knife, and a white dragon is wrapped around it. The Xuanwu Vajra Armor was originally golden, but now it has become dark red with some black mixed in. It looks more low-key and not so stiff, just like a set of tough poker man city clothes. would be too noticeable. The killer’s hand, which was originally white, now turned into a black glove, exposing the fingers, and

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