Text version of the mobile phone version: Online Casino Popular keywords: Author: Category: “Go!” Baihu sent Chen Xiang their sports betting voice transmission, and the area released by Tyrant Wolf God has also been loosened, and Chen Xiang immediately Open a space channel and take Jiang Sheng and the others away quickly. The white tiger who came suddenly gave Chen Xiang and the others a very precious opportunity to avoid a fierce battle with the Tyrannical Wolf God. The place where Chen Xiang and the others appeared was on an ice field, and this place was still the Cold Wind Forest. “Why are you still in the Cold Wind Forest? I traveled a long distance.” Chen Xiang looked around: “I don’t know what happened to Baihu’s former live betting senior, that bullying wolf god is really powerful.” Don’t worry, Master can break through the Tyrant Wolf God’s domain, even if he can’t beat the Tyrant Wolf God, it’s still okay to run, let’s hurry up and enter the Divine Fire Forest, it will be much safer inside.” Qi Shi said. “The flames and that kind of heat in the sacred fire forest can destroy the power of the domain very well. Even if the Tyrannical Wolf God releases his domain, it will not trap us to death!” Lu Zhen nodded: “I want to see it too. This is the third barrier of the forest of life.” Just when they were about to take action, a cloud of black mist appeared in front of them, and the black mist turned into a human form, this is the white tiger. “Master, where is the Tyrant Wolf God?” Qi Shi was overjoyed when he saw that the white tiger was able to catch up with them. “This guy is temporarily trapped by my dark power, but it won’t last long.” Baihu sighed, with a rumble on his face: “This Tyrant Wolf God is very powerful, if it weren’t for my understanding of the dark law There has been a breakthrough in perception, and today we must be in danger.” “I just use the power in the law of darkness to let Tyrant

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