“Bai Ziqian is Bai Youyou’s older sister, she told me. Pin 22Bet Book Network” Chen Xiang doesn’t want to reveal anything about them yet. This Lu Qilian’s ambition is indeed great, just like the Ten Heavens Emperor, he recruited heroes from all over the world to help him achieve his imperial career, but Lu Qilian only accepts women, if she really becomes one in the future, among the new batch of great emperors, she Definitely has higher power. When Chen Xiang and Lu Qilian talked about Meidi, he had another purpose, that is, he wanted to find Meidi, and send Meidi’s head and soul to Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou. “Where are you in Meidi? She was severely injured back then, but she definitely didn’t die.” Chen Xiang said: “If this woman comes back to life, I dare say that she will definitely be your number one opponent in the future!” Lu Qilian frowned and said: “Meidi Using her peerless charm technique, she confuses many strong people, and even some great emperors in Man City are hard to escape, so she collected a lot of rare treasures and various powerful exercises at that time, even if she was seriously injured, But after hundreds of thousands of years, she must have recovered, and Paripesa is even stronger!” Chen Xiang said with a smile: “So you have to let your father pay attention, the Meidi specially focuses on such powerful and hard-to-conquer men like him ” Lu Qilian sneered and said: “It’s you who should be careful, you still have the nerve to talk about others!” “There are many women around me, but it’s not that they attract me, it’s that I have established a relationship of trust with them, If you don’t believe me, you can take off your clothes now, and I won’t even touch you.” Chen Xiang said confidently: “The woman who can seduce me hasn’t been born yet baccarat!” Lu Qilian didn’t think so, and still sneered: “You are wrong , charm

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