Share this site by book title and author: Style settings: Tips: The reading records at the top of the page will automatically save the reading records on your computer, no registration required, and finally it will be on the shelves! This afternoon is at 5 o’clock on April 30th, the last chapter of the public section will be updated, so it doesn’t matter if you spoil the title BGamingaffiliate in advance! After that, the book officially enters the shelf stage. I know that for many readers, listing means charging. Most of the books with la liga points, 90% of readers will choose to read pirated books. I know that this is the national condition – at least the status quo. However, for the author, after a book has been updated free of charge for nearly two months and has gone through a public period of 300,000 words, being on the shelves means that the previous hard work and subsequent hard work can finally be exchanged for some meager income. Coconut sports betting is a man who likes to tell stories about Liverpool. But as every rumble knows, you can’t tell a good story on an empty stomach. For myself, the rush to end of the premier league with headshots is an easy example. I don’t want similar things to happen again, so here, I implore everyone to support “” as much as possible. After 24 o’clock tonight, after the VIP system is activated, I will immediately update the two chapters of man city. After that, on the day of May Day, a total of ten chapters will be released! Coconut walks the talk. I don’t know what ten shifts is to other authors. But for me, the tenth watch is actually very stressful. The most important thing is that it cannot be watered and the quality cannot be reduced. Coconut wrote this book very slowly, very slowly. The reason is also very simple, the plot is very compact, it is easy to overdraw thinking and plot. I’m sure you all noticed this when you watched it.

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