Feng Yujie didn’t expect Chen Xiang’s alchemy to be so strange, he didn’t use the evolution method, and he could refine the medicinal materials in an instant. This sudden change put her under a lot of pressure, because she was very sure of Chen Xiang before. She couldn’t beat her, but she was very confident that she could win, because she was an alchemy saint, and in terms of the number and quality of alchemy she produced, she was definitely not comparable to a kid like Chen Xiang. Even if Shen Xiang is faster than her, if the number and quality of pills released are small, he still can’t beat her. In the end, winning or losing depends on the number and quality of pills released. This is how she calmed herself down. Chen Xiang is now only releasing a weak holy flame, and Leap maintains the temperature inside the Magic Treasure Furnace so that he can stably enter the final stage of congealing pills. The white flame above Feng Yujie suddenly exploded, flashing a burst of emerald green light, just like Chen Xiang just now, she also refined the jasper gourd, but she was slower than Chen Xiang, and her speed was considered very fast. The stage of congealing the pill was a bit difficult, so the two of them did not make any further movements for a long time, they were all trying to let the ball of medicine spirit and medicine powder fuse together, and then stabilized. “It’s almost time to start!” Chen Xiang looked at the green cloud of air in the Illusory Magic Treasure Furnace, and with a movement of his divine sense, he released a Paripesa power, ready to start cutting the cloud of air. Seeing that chelsa saw that Chen Xiang could separate the cloud of mist, Feng Yujie knew that Chen Xiang could also refine the Duoli Biyuan Pill, but she still felt that it was impossible to surpass her. Just when it was about to be cut, Chen Xiang suddenly released a flame live betting, which enveloped the entire Illusory Treasure Furnace and covered the inside, making Feng Yujie’s teeth itch to curse Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang didn’t want Feng Yujie to see the number of pills he had produced, lest Feng Yujie

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