Registered users will not be affected after logging in. Registration is completely free. Thanks to the book friends 🙂 Some users have been unable to access due to unknown attacks for several days. The problem has been solved. Sorry for the inconvenience caused to book friends. In order to complete the mission quickly, Chen Xiang man city used the ultimate power, the evolution game released three magic furnaces, plus his own Yanlong furnace and seven-star furnace, there are five furnaces in total! Even so, he can only refine fifteen furnaces a day. In total, he needs to refine 7000 furnaces of alchemy, which will take quite a long time, especially for other alchemists, it will not be impossible for many years. Chen Xiang still thinks it’s very slow now, it’s just for him, for people in Tiandu, refining so many furnace pills, even if it takes more than ten or twenty years, it’s a normal real madrid thing. Now he not only needs to control the five alchemy furnaces for alchemy, but also absorbs the holy spirit energy inside the holy stones placed around him, and then condenses the divine liquid in his mouth. Chen Xiang has to repeat the rumble every day, but it is nothing to him, because now he is equivalent to earning holy stones, and can also improve the level of alchemy, he is already very satisfied. In this way, day after day, more than a year has passed, the jade bamboo shoots that Hongxia gave him have all been refined into Yuxian pills by him, because it is difficult to control five pill furnaces to refine the second-rank pills at the same time. It is very large and requires a lot of strength in itself, so he failed dozens of furnaces in total. But compared to the time he used and the number of pills produced, the dozens of furnaces that failed are not worth mentioning at all. premier league Shen Xiang stayed in the secret room of alchemy for more than a year and never came out. He opened the stone door of the secret room and couldn’t help but sigh with emotion.

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