The text version of the mobile version article search: popular keywords Surebet247: Author: Category: Chen Xiang gently hugged Lu Qilian’s delicate body, and the two hugged mouth to mouth like this, and began to use their skills to condense the spiritual fluid. Soon, Chen Xiang sensed the cold feeling coming from Lu Betking Qilian’s fragrant tongue, but his tongue became a little warm, because when he condensed the creation liquid, he had to mobilize the fire soul in his body. The divine liquid of creation was born because of the Qiankun fire soul before, so it contains heat. Lu Qinlian felt that Chen Xiang’s tongue was a little warm, and in the next moment, she suddenly felt a strange energy pouring into her body, quickly repairing the injuries in her body, and she clearly felt her broken tongue The arm, is repairing rapidly. Shen Xiang’s body was a little numb, and Lu Qilian sucked all the creative liquid condensed on his tongue. He realized that there was too much difference in cultivation between himself and Lu Qilian, and he couldn’t take advantage of this kind of thing. In just a moment, Lu Qilian’s injuries recovered a lot. At this time, the suction force on their tongues disappeared. Chen Xiang’s body softened, and he lay on the frisbee, panting heavily, recalling the wonderful feeling just now. Lu Qilian looked at him, raised her brows, and raised her hands, wanting to slap him a few times, but she rumbled her lips, sucked the creative fluid around her lips into her mouth, and fused with her spiritual fluid , and then swallowed in the mouth. Lu Qilian’s charming appearance opened Chen Xiang’s eyes. “Get up.” Lu Qilian snorted coldly: “Get away from here quickly.” Lu Qilian didn’t expect to recover most of her injuries so quickly.

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