Zhao Zhen was helped away by an old man who jumped onto the baccarat stage. He was very arrogant before saying that he would bring him down with a trick, but in the end he was taken away with two red and swollen eyes. Surprised that the strength of this “Emperor of Hundred Flowers” was so terrifying, he beat the boss of the Four Little Immortal Kings to the ground before he could use his real skills, “What is Leap’s next assessment, don’t send this guy with me again!” Hit it, wasting my time, I thought how powerful he is, it’s just a matter of two fists.)” Chen Xiang asked while rolling up his sleeves, it looked like he was going to fight hard, BetWinner won’t fight “Brother, the real assessment will take a few days. I don’t know what relationship you have with Hundred Flowers Immortal Kingdom.” An old man asked, his attitude towards Chen Xiang was much better at this time, It is a good thing for them that this kind of people can join the Demon Suppressing Temple, “I still want to ask you in the man city, did Baihua Xianguo eat the wrong pill Evolution game Betking, and even called such a name, a group of girls Ladies, don’t do your shit, you’ve been blind to such a nice name for nothing, I have nothing to do with those women, I still want to smash that Hundred Flowers Fairy Kingdom, it’s actually the same name as me.” Chen Xiang was furious on purpose He roared loudly, which made people sweat for him secretly, this Nairabet is against Huadi, who doesn’t know how powerful Huadi is, the woman in Baihua Palace is not an ordinary woman, Shen la ligaxiang go Stepping off the stage, striding forward, swaggering away, the way he walks is very arrogant, making people want to beat him up. In this magic fairy palace, the four little fairy kings Mozzartbet are very famous, because they have a big Potential, handsome appearance

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