Just now, a dragon died here in the list, and Chen Xiang and the others expected that people from the Imperial Dragon Clan would come here. Duan Ming is here, and Chen Xiang has nothing to be afraid of. The imperial dragon clan also entered this evil temple. There were quite a few dragons here, thirty or so. After Chen Xiang put away the divine cauldron, he saw the group of forebet dragons in the man city running over, and the dragon emperor NetEnt inside. They saw Chen Xiang and Duan Ming. Dragon Emperor had seen Duan Ming’s strength when he was in Night Demon Hell, and knew that Duan Ming was a very powerful human being, but he is not afraid now, because they came to Online Casino this time, and there was an Emperor Dragon Clan The old dragon followed. That old dragon was very powerful, both Long Xueyi and Long Huishan sent voice transmissions to Chen Xiang at the first time, telling him to beware of that old dragon. A dragon died here, and Chen Xiang and the others were here again. As soon as the Dragon Emperor arrived, he immediately thought that Chen Xiang and the others had killed him, and became furious. “Shen Xiang, it’s you again!” Dragon Emperor roared, his golden armor was trembling, and the dragon aura with Surebet247 anger gushed out from the cracks in the armor, bursting out bursts of golden light. “So what’s wrong with us? Could it be that this evil temple belongs to your family? Are we not allowed to appear here?” Long Huishan and the others have already rushed to Chen Xiang’s side to avoid conflicts and take action in time. “Did you kill a dragon here just now?” Dragon Emperor asked angrily. “No, before we came, that dragon had already died. Didn’t you see that the ground in Liverpool was so gray? It should be the ashes of that dragon.” Chen Xiang said. But the Dragon Emperor didn’t believe him, and the dozens of dragons were also filled with righteous indignation, as if they were about to fight

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