No matter how hard Shen Xiang recalled the process of the sword just now, BetWinner couldn’t comprehend anything from it, which made him feel very uncomfortable. His body clearly had the conditions to use such a powerful sword technique, but he couldn’t use it. , which only shows that he hasn’t developed and utilized Betting’s own strength enough. In other words, his current body still has a lot of potential power, but he hasn’t stimulated it, everyone is like this, and it is often under some accidental circumstances that his own potential will be revealed , but it was only a flash in the pan. Chen Xiang appeared in the Excalibur Conference, this matter was quickly spread, and many people who make a living by inquiring about news quickly spread this matter to other fairy palaces. Chen Xiang expected this, but he wasn’t worried about this problem, because to enter the venue of the Excalibur Conference, a jade token was needed, and with Dai Yongcheng here, even some powerful giants would not dare to break in Come in. “Palace Master, many important figures have come outside. They said they want to see you, and they all want to come in and have a look.” A middle-aged man suddenly stepped onto the stage, came to Dai Yongcheng, and whispered chelsa. “Hmph, why didn’t they come before the Excalibur Conference started? They only came here now, there must be some other purpose.” Dai Yongcheng snorted and glanced at Chen Xiang. It must be because of Chen Xiang that he came, especially after learning that Shen Xiang Exhibited a very terrifying heaven and earth killing technique, obliterating Nading Xingyao with one punch. Although it is impossible to get it, let’s talk about it when they come, regardless of whether they succeed in winning the treasure, they will try Spinmatic. “Let them in, ten million spars and a jade token, and they must answer

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