Facing such a violent demon cultivator, Chen Xiang was very calm, but a little excited. “Master, it’s scary whether my brother can beat this guy.” Mu Qianxiang was behind Huadi, looking at the terrifying Xiang Wencheng, she was a little worried about Chen Xiang. “That person is from the Demon Heaven, and he used the Thunder Demon Possession in the Kuanglei Blood Demon Art, that’s why he became like this, and your brother’s use of the Suppressing Demon Saint Power is called real madrid, so don’t worry , In this way, it becomes easier for him.” Hua Di lightly stroked Mu Qianxiang’s hair, smiled, and could see that she loved this new apprentice of Man City very much. “Don’t this guy know that my husband is the easiest to deal with monsters?” Xue Xianxian shook his head, and there was no more suspense at this time. “Hmph.” Xiang Wencheng snorted disdainfully when he heard everyone’s discussion saying that he was courting death. Chen Xiang, who was originally relaxed, suddenly became more serious. He felt something was wrong, it was not that simple for Xiang Wencheng. “What is that?” Chen Xiang was startled suddenly, he just sensed that there was another terrifying power in Xiang Wencheng’s body. Just when Chen Xiang was surprised, a red light flashed on Xiang Wencheng’s body, which exploded into several bolts of lightning, hitting Chen Xiang from all directions. It is unbelievable that such a big person just disappeared out of thin air and turned into many lightning bolts. At this moment, the faces of those high-ranking forces who thought that Chen Xiang could win for sure all became serious, because they all thought of something. Ten blood-red Parimatch lightning bolts hit NetEnt’s body at the moment of flickering, bombarding his body.

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