Registered users will not be affected after logging in. Registration is completely free for Endorphina. Thanks to all book baccarat friends:) affiliate Chen Xiang said a lot, including Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, Yun Xiaodao, Xiao Qiu Zhurong… these acquaintances and friends of mine They all told Mu Qianxiang not to accidentally hurt her own people in the future. After getting along with Chen Xiang for so long, Mu Qianxiang discovered that Chen Xiang had the habit of storing BGaming food, because every time she ordered something to eat, Chen Xiang would order more, and he only ate some, and the rest Stash Surebet247 away. Mu Qianxiang asked Chen Xiang, and Chen Xiang said that he stored it for himself to eat in the future. In fact, it was all for Long Xueyi. Since he was discovered by Mu Qianxiang, he can also order more la liga things openly. , let Long Xueyi eat her fill. “Okay, now there are only more than one million immortal crystals left. We have basically eaten the famous dishes here more than ten times in the Premier League. The shopkeepers of those hotels saw us as if they had met the God of Wealth.” Chen Xiang finally There is only a little transmission fee left. If he doesn’t spend it all here, he feels sorry for Mu Qianxiang. After all, Mu Qian just came out of that forbidden area, so she must be hurt here. “Then let’s go to Renwang Xianguo. Anyway, Betking, you have stored a lot of food. We won’t starve to death. We ordered so many dishes at the beginning, and they also gave us a lot of discounts. Brother, you, Leap, took advantage of this to hide some. Really Smart.” Mu Qianxiang laughed, not worried about eating at all. Chen Xiang had already planned that when he went to the Immortal Kingdom of the Human King, no matter what, he would have to find a few bad guys to slaughter him. Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming were in the Immortal Kingdom of the Human King. Originally, Chen Xiang had already confirmed that he was going to the Immortal Kingdom of Human Kings in the Champions League.

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