In that wide arena, only Chen Xiang was sitting there alone. Many people suspected that he might not have the ability to quickly refine high-level pills, so they didn’t struggle, and planned to smash on the earth-level pills. “Grandma Rong, if you refine the heavenly-level top-grade pills, how long will it take?” Long Huishan held the old woman’s arm loosely and affectionately. Long Peirong was also severely beaten by Chen Xiang on the field before, but now she is in a much better mood, she kindly smiled and said: “One furnace for two hours, one furnace for two grains without real madrid is a problem, within twelve hours Twelve grains can definitely be refined, that is twelve thousand points, if that kid refines the Surebet247 earth-level pill, he will have to refine twelve thousand grains within twelve hours, hehe, even the pill Holy coming, Liverpool can’t do such a thing like Betting.” “Pei Rong, don’t take it lightly, it’s definitely not accidental that Bet9ja is able to overwhelm you Danxian before now, it’s because he did it with real ability, this A game is unfair to the Premier League.” The Supreme Elder reprimanded severely. “Father, I understand.” Long Peirong put away her smile. Yan Zilan, who was on the side, was shocked. She didn’t expect that such a powerful old lady would have a father, that is, the Supreme Elder of the Long Family. This was the first time she knew that there was a Supreme Elder in the Long Family. The strongest member of the Long family is only Long Peirong, who is top-notch in strength and alchemy, and is said to be able to use holy flames. “The alchemist of the Royal Dragon Clan is also in the arena, but he is very low-key, and he didn’t attract the attention of others.” The Supreme Elder of the Long Family said. “It looks like that young man, with a strong aura of holy man city dragon, should

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