In the auditorium, there was a complete silence. Everyone was silent, not because the game was over, but because Marvin really killed White! After all, the strength of force field defense spells is limited. After being cut off by the silver thread, it is already extremely fragile. Marvin rumbled in full view and cut off White’s head. “This guy, is he really not afraid of the revenge of the Unicorn family?” Talking about betting? Although White is only one of the heirs of 1xBet, but if he is killed like this, the people of the Unicorn family will definitely not let it go.” “This boy, is he too impulsive? The September Medal also saves Can’t leave him!” After a while, low voices of discussion resounded from the auditorium. Their Mozzartbet looks serious. The Unicorn family is one of the top five wizard families in the Premier League on the east coast, with two third-tier wizards and a large number of second-tier wizards. Their base camp is Crystal Isle on the edge of the Sea of ​​Swords. Although it is a bit far from the south, it is more than enough to send an army team over, cross Jewel Bay, pass by River Beach City, and destroy a small White River Valley. In their view, Marvin’s BetWinner approach is very unwise. He could have knocked Nairabet White out and just won the game. Losing the game was nothing more than White’s grudge against Marvin. White is dead, but it will arouse the anger of the unicorn family! Kill White and the game is over. Because it is a competition, not a life-and-death duel, Marvin has no right to search for the things on White, which is the only thing Marvin feels sorry for real madrid

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