He Feng got the notification from BetWinner, and rushed over immediately. When he learned that Chen Xiang was going out, he wanted to refuse at first, but he didn’t dare to stop Chen Xiang when he heard that he was going to meet the forebeter from Demon-killing Peak. , Someone came to him from Demon Killing Peak, most likely to take him back to Demon Killing Peak. ┃飞快网www.feiuz.coΜOver the years, there have been many strong men claiming to be Demon Killing Peak, but most of them have never been to Killing Demon Peak. If you return to Killing Demon Peak, you will have even greater Msports achievements in the future. However, there are many enemies in Zhu Mofeng, which is true, because many Pragmatic play guys who call themselves Zhu Mofeng often go to BGaming to cause trouble, and they are all strong or powerful Endorphina forces. As time goes by, many big forces They all point their spears at the Devil-killing Peak, no matter who they are, as long as they are from the Demon-killing Peak, they are the enemies of these great forces. “I won’t go back to Demon Killing Peak for the time being, my followers will stay here.” Chen Xiang said, this was what Huang Jintian taught him. Like the last time he came in, He Feng used a carriage to take Chen Xiang out of the palace. Although He Feng was alone, he was very strong and capable enough to protect Chen Xiang, as long as it wasn’t the Immortal King. He Feng is young, he is in the late stage of the Immortal Monarch, and he might soon become the Immortal King. The royal family of Wandan Immortal Kingdom is indeed very strong. Sitting on the carriage, Chen Xiang closed his eyes and pretended to rest, he was thinking about how to get rid of this He Feng. “The person who came to see me sent me a message. He said that there was a special reason that he could not enter the fairy palace. He asked me to meet him outside. The eldest son just needs to wait for me at the shop. I will be back soon.

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