Last time, it was very difficult for Chen Xiang to enter the dragon’s sleep from the center of the earth, and he felt that he could also use this method to enter the dragon vein in Chenwu Continent. ┠Flying&Speed&Chinese&Wen★&Net Dragon Xueyi sports betting does not stop Chen Xiang, although it is a bit risky. “Little Dragon, do you have anything related to that tomb in your memory inheritance? Don’t hide it from me, it’s very important to me.” Chen Xiang asked. At this time, he had entered from the passage of Sportybet under the Nether Abyss. In the center of the earth, Betking has the Fire Dragon Sword by his side, so he doesn’t need to resist the powerful fire slurry. The fire plasma in the center of the earth is getting stronger every moment. If there is no live betting fire dragon sword, Shen Nairabet Xiang will definitely not be able to walk here in Bet9ja so easily. Long Xueyi didn’t answer, she was obviously thinking about something, and Shen Xiang didn’t urge her, he already knew that Long Xueyi was hiding a lot of things. Chen Xiang determined the direction, and Betway walked towards the direction of the Demon State. He could use a very fast speed along the way. At this time, he secretly admired the fire dragon, who could refine such a powerful fire dragon sword, which made the flame fire pulp retreat. “The white tiger doesn’t even know about the tomb, do you think I will know?” Long Xueyi finally spoke, but Chen Xiang was very upset after waiting for her for so long, only waiting for this sentence. “Maybe!” Chen Xiang said, “Just let me know a little bit, is the owner of that tomb a good person?” “Well, that guy is a good person.” Long Xueyi’s answer in the Evolution game was very direct, It made Chen Xiang a little unbelievable. “Tell me more.” Chen Xiang continued to ask: “Tell me, after I go back, I will definitely get you more delicious food, such as earth core fruit, there will definitely be.” “Don’t use this method to tempt me

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