In terms of recruiting Parimatch powerhouses, Chen Xiang must not lag behind the Fire Temple. “Just let them become our disciples, not disciples of Jianglongmen, lest someone fish in troubled waters, and this aspect must be closed. As for welfare, it is better than the Temple of Fire. I can afford it!” Shen Shen Xiang said. Li Baojun nodded: “If there are Hunyuan Pill and Feisheng Pill as rewards, there must be a lot of strong people recruited, and the NetEnt used by the Fire God Temple is all earth-level top-grade pills and a small amount of heaven-level pills. If there are a large number of Evolution game high-level real madrid players, I think our disciples will grow quickly.” “It’s no problem, wait for me for a while…” Chen Xiang originally planned to start thinking of ways to get Xiu I didn’t mention it, but now it seems that I have to refine a large number of Hunyuan Pills first. As for Feisheng Pill, he will hand it over to Li Baojun to refine. He returned to the dragon’s veins, and now he has to condense a large amount of creative liquid, which is used to replicate the large amount of heaven-level pills in Online Casino. The medicinal materials of the Heavenly Grade Pill need a lot of creative liquid to be copied quickly. For example, for the two main medicinal materials of the Hunyuan Pill, Chen Xiang can only reproduce one copy of la liga after condensing the amount for three days, and ten copies in a month. For other earth-level pills, he can make a lot of them in a month. However, he is already very satisfied. If it is someone else, it is not known what year of the monkey will be to grow the main medicinal material of Betking’s ten copies of Hunyuan Pill, and it is very energy-consuming to take care of it when planting. “If I refine it to the limit, I can refine four grains in one furnace, and only forty grains in ten furnaces, but it is enough to recruit forty people for half a year, and I will give them one grain every half year.”

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