List Pan Yunlan also sensed that aura, her face changed suddenly, and she shouted in despair: “Don’t kill him…” However, Pan Yunlan’s words could not stop the man with a determined killing intent, Chen Xiang’s body had already been crushed. A blood-red sword pierced through the body, and blood dripped to the ground. “Hmph, this guy knows too much, he must die! You are already a member of the God and Demon Cult. If it weren’t for the fact that you are still useful, I would have killed those two little girls a long time ago, and let the two girls die. They are really going to die! You listen to me, you are lucky to be able to survive, this is definitely the credit of our gods and demons, and has nothing to do with this Premier League guy.” The person who suddenly appeared, It was a bearded burly man, dressed in white clothes, with an ordinary appearance, he pulled out the sword that had been pierced into Chen Xiang’s dantian, made Chen Xiang lie on the ground, crushed Chen Xiang’s abdomen hard, and splashed a piece of Liverpool. ground meat. “If you’re lucky enough to live, don’t expect to die so easily. Even if you die, you’re still a ghost of the Demon Sect…” Just after the word “ghost” was finished, the dantian of this big man was suddenly pierced by Betting from the back. Pan Yunlan, who was facing the big man, saw a hand holding a dagger penetrating from the big man’s abdomen. That dagger was exactly what Chen Xiang had been holding in his hand just now. However, she saw with her own eyes that Chen Xiang was pierced through his dantian with a sword, and after losing his strength, he was ruthlessly trampled into scum by that big man. “Since you say that, I’ll let you taste what it’s like to be a ghost of the Real Madrid of the God Demon Cult. It’s not easy to leave!” Chen Xiang’s other palm, Paripesa, has already condensed a very strong flame power, and it is in harmony with The powerful dragon power and the power of the heavenly holy body are fused together, and they hit the

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