122Slot Games2_full text free reading_(8jzw) provides the novel 1222, the update is faster than 1222casino Slot Kuaiyan Read the full text for free reading, friends who like 1222 can also download to 1222 Kuaiyan Read the full text free reading of 1222, let you read It’s very YY. 1222_Full text free reading_from () The two alchemists who are currently competing have a very powerful master, especially the master of the alchemist in the Fire God Temple, who is the chief alchemist in the Fire God Temple in the heaven , this alchemist can get a high-grade alchemy furnace livescore, which shows that his alchemy level is very high. High-quality update Li Betting Baojun is a well-known alchemist, but his master Li Tianjun has already lost to Bixia Danxian, now can he win against Bixia Danxian’s apprentice and save face for his master? Now, both of them have entered the late stage of condensing pills at the same time, and their strengths are evenly matched. Everyone is looking forward to the result even more. The two alchemy furnaces shook, and when they shook, bursts of hot air were released, forming a puff of hot air that rose high in the sky, making everyone watching feel very stuffy. “It seems that the two of them may congeal pills at the same time. If you want to win at that time, you can only look at the quality and quantity.” Su Meiyao said: “This Ascension Pill can only produce one pill at most, and it is difficult to refine two pills.” Come on, the amount of one Nine Dead Ascension Flower is not enough to refine two grains, but this is not absolute, maybe there are people who can refine two grains, Betking, but I haven’t heard of Spinmatic yet.” Nine Death Ascension Flower originally There are very few, real madrid makes this kind of pill very rare, when many Leap alchemists can refine it

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