1177_full text free reading_(8jzw) provides the novel 1177, which is updated faster than 1177 Kuaiyan Reading for free reading. Friends who like 1177 can also download 1177 full flashscore texts that cannot be downloaded by 1177 Kuaiyan Reading for free Reading, let you look very YY. Choose the background color: Law Enforcing Tianling’s body roulette is gradually weakening in that furnace, but when he is about to be completely melted, Chen Xiang will pause for a while to restore the body of Law Enforcing Tianling to its original state, and then Continue to burn, and in just three days, a lot of energy has accumulated in the pill furnace, which can be used to generate flames or condense pills. //Look//”No wonder that big baccarat white cat told you to use this day’s alchemy technique carefully. It’s too perverted, it turned this guy into a dog.” Long Xueyi laughed and said, “Senior White Tiger said, Back then, the Ten Heavens Emperor caused disasters because of excessive use of this Heavenly Refining Technique, and I have no choice but to use it now, I hope I am not like the Ten Heavens Emperor, otherwise it will be difficult for me to resist that kind of power with my own power.” Shen affiliated in Xiang’s heart There are also concerns. Chen Xiang had a great time refining inside, but the Fire God Temple outside was miserable. For more than ten days, they had been consuming a lot of spar every day, and they had to start from the fact that their Fire God Temple was built in Ditian. The spar was transferred from this industry, and they have used up all the Liverpool in Xuanbing City. Now they use crystals as fast as burning paper, and they don’t know when it will be the end. If they know that their crystals have been refined into pills by Chen Xiang, they will definitely vomit blood Betking now. Xuanbing City is protected by multiple powerful formations

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