Category: Ji Xiao Thief website homepage: The evil snake king’s avatar was destroyed, and the main body was also greatly affected. At this time, his face was very ugly. This made Lu Qinlian secretly happy, because she could have a chance to get rid of this current situation. She was in a difficult situation, but she suddenly caught a glimpse of the sinister look in the eyes of the evil snake king, and she was immediately horrified. (You can find this site by searching for magic on Baidu). “Hahaha…” The evil snake king’s handsome face suddenly twisted, and he laughed ferociously: “Don’t expect to bring down betting me like this.” “Go to hell Bitch.” The Evil Snake King’s eyes were sudden, full of blood, bursting with red light, and he looked very terrifying. He laughed wildly and ferociously, and saw his slender and slender arms suddenly became bloated and swollen. He took off his sleeve, and what was exposed was an arm covered with black snake scales, and a strange black air overflowed. When Lu Qinlian saw the look in the eyes of the evil snake king just now, she already knew that the evil snake king planned to die with her. A huge sound suddenly exploded, the strong sound waves cracked the ground, and the layer of smog that shrouded the sky couldn’t be blown away, and the red light projected out, and then saw Luqin Nairabet lotus and the evil snake king slowly landing on the ground , They didn’t die, but blood was spilling from the corners of their mouths, their faces were pale, and it was obvious at a glance that they had suffered serious internal injuries. Shen Endorphinaxiang used the ultimate power of the law of space to travel a long distance to the place where the Evil Snake King and Lu Qinlian landed. As soon as the Evil Snake King’s feet touched the ground, Chen Xiang suddenly appeared. The Suppressing Demon 22Bet Saint Seal and the rumble Qinglong Demon Slaying Knife merged, and the Suppressing Demon Saint Power was exerted to the extreme by Chen Xiang. As soon as he appeared, he slashed at the Evil Snake King Chop down, the knife is brilliant, Mozzartbet kills

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