When List Xiaotian heard these words, she agreed in her heart very much, but she was worried that this honest and honest uncle would be retaliated by the little ape king. !look,. .英:文”网 But seeing that Chen Xiang readily gave her 60 billion crystals, she knew that this uncle is not a fuel-efficient lamp, even a person like Little Ape King is not so rich. Golden Ape The clan is a big force in the demon domain, and the monsters inside are all golden apes, not as barbaric as those evil monsters, and the little ape king is the son of the ape king of the current golden ape clan, and others call him the little ape king. Both the ape king of la liga and the black tiger looked ugly, because they had never been said so before, which made them suddenly feel breathless. “Little girl, can you help me break this black ice? “Chen Xiang asked.” Of course! “Xiaotian took out a short knife that was very separated, and stabbed at the square piece of black ice. When the black ice was attacked, it would immediately turn into powder. At this time, people outside the hall were crowded with Betting, and they stared at the pile of black ice. Powder, with a face full of surprise, because BGaming has a black sunflower on the pile of powder. Although it is only the size of a palm, this black sunflower gives people a very dangerous feeling. “Haha… Who said this one just now?” Is there nothing in Xuan Bing? it’s so funny! “Chen Xiang laughed loudly, and the faces of the little ape king and the black tiger were extremely ugly. Just now they kept saying that there would be absolutely nothing on this piece of black ice, and that confident appearance is now in everyone’s eyes It’s just an affiliate joke, they seem to have been slapped twice by Chen Xiang!” “What kind of flower is this? Do you know sweet girl? Look at BetWinner, the Evolution game is very toxic! “Chen Xiang took the black flower

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