Long Yu’s Fire Dragon Sword was knocked down, but Chen Xiang chased after him fiercely, and appeared beside Long Yu like a ghost, and smashed it violently with a hammer. Long Yu’s arm was in severe pain, and his movements were affected. This time, he failed to dodge, and his shoulder was smashed by Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang now felt that fighting with this divine hammer was much bloodier than the Qinglong Demon Slaying Knife. When the hammer came down, one of Long Yu’s shoulders seemed to be forcibly peeled off. In Chen Xiang’s eyes, Livescore was a baby giver for Long Yu. At this time, he saw that it was almost the same, with five fingers together, like a sharp cone, directly piercing Long Yu’s heart, and then using the magic devouring skill, in an instant Nei sucked the opponent’s golden fire soul over and condensed it in the dantian. “Yu’er…” An angry voice resounded, shaking the entire square. This is the voice of Long Tengyu, the head of Shenglong Mountain, the number one strongest. Long Huishan Endorphina also leaped up at this moment, darting towards the shadow that flew over, her body gleaming with white light, and a set of domineering ice armor appeared. Chen Xiang got the golden fire soul, he was no longer vague, he swung his hammer and smashed towards Long Yu’s head, releasing a burst of berserk flames. The power that erupted from the divine hammer accompanied Long Yu with flames, and with one swipe, Long Yu was burned to ashes the moment he was smashed. Afterwards, Chen Xiang swiftly used the Fire Dragon Sword and scabbard, while Long Huishan in the air confronted a middle-aged man with a short beard. The middle-aged man was full of anger. Power. “Don’t you just admit defeat? This is an upright betting competition.” Long Huishan said coldly, but she was overwhelmed with surprise in her heart.

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