Full-text catalog catalog: 1117_full text free reading_from () This sudden situation made both Chen Xiang and Long Huishan very panicked. At this time, no matter how they retreated, they could not leave Endorphina. The power to stay in place, let this “walking” road lead them to the depths of the game full of unknown dangers. E3 looks better E3GHK//Look//A moment later, Chen Xiang and Long Huishan were suddenly shrouded in a burst of bright light. At this moment, they realized that this was no longer the dim passage, but a BGaming with white ice crystals all around. On the side of the casino slot in the passageway, there were bursts of white light, and there was an ice dragon breath that Long Huishan was familiar with! This made Long Huishan suddenly feel that she was safe, and the flashscore of the passage under her feet gradually slowed down, and a huge ice door appeared in front of them! “Our pokers are here!” Long Huishan took a deep breath and was very excited. She never thought that she would come to the gate of the ancestor of the ice dragon in this way. Chen Xiang walked to the front of the gate, took out the ice dragon sword and inserted it into a hole, and then spun the live betting ice dragon sword, the movements were very skillful, it seemed that he had done a lot before. Chen Xiang is convinced that the guy who built the access to the center of the earth in the Nether Abyss is this ice dragon, because the structure here is similar to that place, so he knows to use the ice dragon sword to open this hole. The gate slowly opened, and there was a huge ice palace inside. A dragon with teeth and claws was carved on the ground of the ice palace, and there were lifelike dragons coiled on the huge icicles. Everything here was made of white ice blocks. Yes, very beautiful. At the top of the main hall there is a carved

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