List “I have quite a few, but it will take some time! Sister Youyou is very worried about you, so I will try to get as much as possible for you, so that you can stay safe. Look”. “中:文:网” Chen Xiang Betting spoke the truth. In the past, Su Meiyao used the dragon saliva skill to condense the dragon saliva, and helped Bai Ziqian give birth to many poisonous flowers and weeds, so although the two had a feud, they actually had a good relationship. “Sister Ziqian, do you have something to pretend to be demonic, rotten and deadly?” “Yes!” Bai Ziqian took out a bead, which was similar to Lu Qinlian’s before: “If possible, fill it up.” After Chen Xiang took it, Immediately transport the dead energy in the body into the bead. “You’re actually hiding inside your body!” Bai Ziqian couldn’t help being surprised, but it was normal after thinking about it, Chen Xiang’s demon-suppressing golden body was very powerful, and the demon-rot and death energy couldn’t do anything about it. “When I have a chance, I’ll find a way to go to the demon tiankeng again and get more!” Now Bai Ziqian knows why Su Meiyao said that Chen Xiang is very capable. There can be so much demon rot and drunken fragrance, even if Betway is She has been searching for many years, but it is difficult to find her. “Hey, my man gave you so many Premier League goodies, don’t you just show it?” Su Meiyao said very proudly. Bai Ziqian also knew that Chen Xiang could give her these two kinds of ancient and strange poisons, it was because of Bai Youyou’s relationship, and it was also because of Bai Youyou that Chen Xiang trusted her, otherwise, who in real madrid would expose that he had these two kinds of ancient and strange poisons? But Bai Ziqian didn’t know what to do. Mozzartbet said that Chen Xiang had the Azure Dragon Demon Slaying Knife, Heaven and Earth Slaying Technique, and a dragon vein that made her extremely envious. ,Varied

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